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The Rowing Club of Castillon is open to all: Young people, competitors and adults wishing to practice a sport recognized as the best health sport activity. We will welcome you with attention. The club is ideally located on the edge of the Dordogne next to the stone bridge of Castillon. A team of dedicated volunteers will give you all the advice you need to practice rowing in accordance with your desires. The club is equipped with numerous boats, a weight room and a rowing tank. For conviviality, a beautiful room with a view of the Dordogne is available for us to meet, drink a coffee and share good convivial moments. See you soon and look forward to welcoming you. The Rowing Club Castillon team
Contributions (2022-23) per year:
Benjamins and minims: 135 €
Cadets and Juniors: €155
Seniors and Leisure: €200
Discovery license 3 months: 65 €