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With our Tèrra Aventura, explore the villages of Gensac and Castillon-la-Bataille in an extraordinary treasure hunt. With the free application, you go in search of the Poï'z, funny little characters who will accompany you along unusual and atypical routes. You can then discover many anecdotes about the place and solve puzzles.

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Add to favorites list Parcours au bord de l’eau de Castillon-la-bataille : « La bataille navale » – Tèrra Aventura

Course along the waters of Castillon-la-Bataille: "The naval battle" - Tèrra Aventura

1,5 km [{"mode_locomotion": "on foot", "time": "1h", "difficulty": "Easy"}]
Add to favorites list Parcours histoire et monuments de Gensac : « Pardaillan, chevalier maudit » – Tèrra Aventura